Dmitry Tolonen


Short and experimental


One page CV (PDF)

Writing, translation

          Drawing, illustration
           and storyboardng

(directing, editing, animation)
Full CV & breakdown (HTML, opens new page) cv.html
Directors Guild of Great Britain
The Union of Film and Media Employees Finland SET

Showreel & samples


My past employers and end clients include:

Zodiak Television, Aamu, Passion Pictures, the Criterion Collection, the Anywhere Festival, Canon, Pearson, Aalto University, Kaspersky, Wilder Films and the Love Commercials Production Company. 

You’ll find references and a lot more in my full CV.


Contact: email (at)

I’m Dmitry Tolonen, a freelance writer-director based in Finland and available for full time, part time and freelance work globally.

I am also available for other work, such as editing, animation and documentary related positions, and happy to discuss upcoming projects, no matter how early in advance. Please send me an email with whatever details you have now and I’ll get back to you.